Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Do I wake up...

Last weekend I ended up giving into the Hubs request for Blackout curtains in the bedroom.  It looks like this

in my room all the time now, I hate it. I need one of these to walk around in my bedroom even during the day.

I open the curtains he closes them, I don't really like the dark, never have never will and now I don't know when to wake up or rather wake up naturally because it is so dark in my bedroom all the time.  I say a compromise is in order but the hubs doesn't see it that way.  I say he should open them when he get ups to help me out or I will just stay in bed until 10 or so, he says they should stay closed to cut down on the heat entering through the windows.  Do any of my few reader that I have left have these on your bedroom windows, how do you wake up fully without an alarm of course?


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