Friday, January 27, 2012

Fan Fic Recommendation Friday

Today I am recommending 2 fics by the same author, 1 is complete and the other the sequel.  In the first one Edward is an asshole corporate mogul and thinks he doesn't need anyone in his life to be happy.  Bella of course changes that, she is a morning show host and he can't stop watching her, they meet at society events and other places so it seems fate has taken over.

Resisting the Inevitable by Emotion Masen
 Resisting the Inevitable - Banner
Bella is the cohost on a morning show, Edward is the CEO of his family company,he finds his self extremely attracted to her. Unexpected events keep them near each other. How long can they resist the inevitable?

The next is the continuation of the story of Bella and Edward, I don't want to give too much away but it continues 3 years after the end of Resisting.

Facing The Inevitable by Emotion Masen

As you can seen from the banner for Facing, it gives much away so I am not even going to put the summary in here.

Please check these wonderful stories out and give the authors some love and tell them shannabanana1 sent you.

Happy Reading

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