Monday, August 15, 2011

Motivation Monday...

As you all know, I hate Mondays, it doesn't matter if I have anything planned or not, I just don't like them.  On Mondays everything usually goes awry, amiss, wrong, something breaks down, someone gets sick, you name it, it happens on my Mondays.  The only thing I can think that is good about this Monday is that the Minions go back to school in a week, which will leave me a peacefully quiet house for 6 hours, but that is not until next Monday. What happens to you mainly on Mondays that just want to make you hide out until it is over? What get you Motivated on a Monday because I need some new Ideas.

Now as I sit here writing this blog post the bickering and name calling between the minions start.  Next will be the Whining and then me yelling at them because apparently it is the only way to get through to them after the whining starts.  Yes this is how my typical Monday start now I am just waiting for the roof to cave in.

So for today in music I give you The Ting Tings

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