Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Woes....

Yes my nemesis is here, Monday, we never get along, I guess it is because I have a hard time getting back into the swing of things for the week.  One good thing about this Monday is that we did get some rain, not much but some and since we haven't had any in two months I think that's an ok thing for today.

Well my job interview got rescheduled at least I hope it has, I haven't heard from her today yet.  So wish me luck again today.

Did ya'll see this last night?  I don't really think they should expect English Gentleman to speak Southern Slang it was just very awkward, but he is adorkable Rob.

I think he was imbibing on a little Moonshine before he got on this stage clearly thinking "What the Hell am I doing here!!!!"

So my lovely readers what is ya'lls week shaping up like. (yes I will be using Ya'll throughout the rest of this post)
Mine is fairly busy, I have a project due in my Event planning class I haven't even started, hopefully a job interview, Kim and I have an author interview this week and I need to read like two books before the 12th.

Theme song today:

So ya'll have a great day and a great week!!!!

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Jen said...

Poor Rob! Lambert didn't have go and correct him afterwards. I thought that was a bit mean.


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