Friday, February 11, 2011

Fan Fic Friday...

Time for Fan Fic Friday my dear readers.  So what have I been reading this week...

Well I started White Swan Lodge by Arkin1.

Bella's mom died in an accident and she inherited the inn that her mother owned.  Enter Edward as an unsuspecting guest, who really is a writer for a travel magazine.  Of course there is an instant connect between the two and Edward is lying to her about why he is really there.  So there is angst and some mighty juicy lemons thrown in.  

I have been reading Unplanned Perfection by Littlecat358 for a while now and it is so good, full of angst, mystery and romance.

It starts out with the gang in high school and tales of unrequited love.  Things between Edward and Bella get heated one night during a party and low and behold Bella is with child.  The Cullens move away with no knowledge of Bella's condition.  Three years later Bella and Alice reconnect and it is obvious who the child's father is.  The Angst ensues as Edward tries to deal with what he has learned.  

Please give the stories a try and leave the authors some reviews and tell them who sent you there.

Happy Reading!!!!! 

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TongueTwied said...

I agree Unplanned Perfection is really, really good! A lot of suspense!

The other story sounds intriguing!


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