Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Topics...Patience

I am starting a new segment here on my blog on Tuesdays, I will take one of my vices and discuss it and hopefully, my lovely readers, you can give me solutions to it.

Patience is something that I usually don't have.  I want it done now and I don't really have the will to wait.  It runs very thin with my minions especially if they are underfoot all day.  I have tried everything from counting, to removing myself from stressful situations and even meditation, it seems I never have enough.  When I am starting a task I seem fine but if that task get to difficult or doesn't go the way I want I get frustrated and want to quit and move on to something else instead of stay the course and finishing what I started.  I even memorized the Prayer for Patience by Helen Steiner Rice and recite it but it doesn't seem to help much either.

Prayer For Patience

God, teach me to be patient, teach me to go slow,
Teach me how to wait on You when my way I do not know.
Teach me sweet forbearance when things do not go right
So I remain unruffled when others grow uptight.
Teach me how to quiet my racing, rising heart
So I might hear the answer You are trying to impart.
Teach me to let go, dear God, and pray undisturbed until
My heart is filled with inner peace and I learn to know your will.
- written by Helen Steiner Rice

What do you do to instill patience in your life?  How do you cope when you have none?

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