Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Planning...

Yes after a week off I am blogging again at least I hope I will keep it up this week. So...
I am starting off the blogging week with my Weekly Dinner Plan, since I have time to cook this week (I have no sports practices this week, can I get a Woo Hoo!!!)

Meal Plan for October 25-29
      Monday:      Shiner Bock Beef Fajita Tacos with Poblano Peppers and Sweet Potatoes, Rice and Beans
      Tuesday:      Thai Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice
      Wednesday: Red Beans and Rice with Andouille
      Thursday:     Chicken Stir Fry
      Friday:         Tortilla Soup

What do you all have planned for you meals this week? Tell me about it, I love new meal ideas.

What I am reading this week:


Fan Fiction:
BannerTWOW.jpg TWoW Banner picture by georgeygirl25

What are you reading, book and fan fic recommendations are encouraged.

Music Monday post tomorrow...

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kimberly said...

now that the week is over, how'd you stick to the planning?


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