Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Pilgrimage to Forks: Twilight Tour

Our first full day in Forks led us to the Twilight Tour, they have maps for self guided ones available at Leppells Gift Store, The Forks Visitors Center and Dazzled by Twilight. They also have a guided one available. We started at Leppells Gifts, which has lots of Twilight themed swag and they were very informative as Kim, Jen and I asked lots of questions about the town and how all of the hype has affected them.  They townsfolk seem to like the hype so far as it has added quite a bit to their local economy which was sluggish due to the flailing timber market.

The first stop on our tour was "Charlie and Bella's" house, it was not backed up against the forest and it was blue but it kinda looked like they would live there.  A little boy in the house did wave to us.

Next on the tour was the Forks Community Hospital and Dr. Cullen's parking spot, which was hard to spot because a prison van was parked in front of it. It is close to the Emergency entrance next to a garage.

The Cullens House was next on our list and it is a Bed and Breakfast and looked really cozy and inviting.  Of course the Cullen's weren't there but oh well, Edward was staring at us though a window.

Forks High School was next and it was under construction so maybe the community is benefiting from all the tourism.

The Thriftway and Forks Outfitters are in the same building so you get a 2fer there.  You can shop for shoes, clothes and food at the same time, win in my book

We drove to the Visitors Center next where we met the incomparable Willard and his forest tour was awesome (check out this post for the info) and we saw Bella's truck.

The we went the opposite way and headed to the Vampire Treaty Line and La Push.

There will be a La Push post later.


kimberly said...

YAY twlight tour. it was fun wasn't it?

Christina said...

Looks really cool! The houses seem like the ones that she describes in the book and not the movies.


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