Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Pilgrimage to Forks: The Hoh...

This post is authored by the Lovely Kim.

The girls and I had been looking forward to strolling through the forest for months, since we first decided on this trip in fact.  Shannon actually is "not the hiking type" and was giving us a bit of flack for wanting to hike.  But little did we know how much we would all love the forest.  After our hike in the forest near Forks, we were itching for more! 

The drive through the forest up to the trail head was fantastically exhilarating ! We saw beauty of a different kind there.  There was a beautiful river running to our right and we stopped at a few outlooks on the way.  

At one point we came to a swampy area and spotted a bald eagle in flight.  We were speechless.  We weren't fast enough to get a picture though.  We made it up to the trail head and had a few options. We chose the Spruce Trail. 

What can I say. The forest is A-mazing! I long to go back.  It's so green

 so cool, so clean and earthy! We were in awe of the vastness of the trees. 

The pureness of the ferns.

Even the way nature makes way for passage.

I'm not sure how long we meandered down the trail but it was all worth it.
Visit the Hoh Rainforest if you ever have the chance. You will not be disappointed. 


Josh said...

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kimberly said...

Makes me want to go back!

Twimom227 said...

Great photos! I used to live in Seattle and I took a class about forest development while attending UDub. We actually went camping in the Hoh rainforest. What a great class!! I'm glad you had such a great trip.


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