Friday, July 9, 2010

Fan Fic Friday...

I started 2 new Stories this week, I know, I know, I already read to many, but what can I say, I'm addicted, plus updates where slow this week and I got caught up on everything.

Stealing Second by Pears13

This is the sequel to The Fan which a absolutely loved and I really like the way Pears writes.
Summary: They say the two biggest life changes are marriage and a new baby. Edward and Bella both have preconceived ideas about both. Will their visions of the future mesh? How will they deal with all of life's changes? Sequel to The Fan. AU/AH E&B Canon pairings

An Angel Closes Her Eyes by TG10781

I just started this one and haven't gotten very far in it but what I have read I really like.
Summary: Bella moves to a new town, to escape a past filled with immeasurable pain. Edward returns home from Iraq, to step into his position as fulltime single father. Together with his family and friends, can Edward help Bella get past the guilt, and heal?

If you end up reading these please leave reviews for the authors as you all know they really appreciate them and tell them who sent you.

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