Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Pilgrimage to Forks: The Forks Visitors Center

This post was written by the Lovely Kim...

Forks Visitors Center

We'd been told to stop by the visitors center to see Bella's truck.  But we weren't expecting what we found there.  When we drove up it was misting, of course!  But we were prepared, we all had our Forks hoodies on.  There in the front of the building was "Bella's truck".  It's not the one from the movie but it does look much like the one Stephenie described in the book.  I was out taking pics of it and a nice young gentleman came out and asked if I wanted him to take a pic of me in from of the truck.  I handed my camera over and Shannon, Jen and I posed!  

He handed the camera back and went on his way.  We meandered around looking at things and spied a sign that said there was a short hike through the forest.  We were discussing whether or not to take this short hike, when the gentlemen introduced himself as Willard.  He told us we had to take the hike and when Shannon said she was cold, he offered his flannel shirt to her.  Shannon declined but we did accept his offer to take us on a guided tour of the hike!  We hit the jackpot!  Willard is a wizard.  He taught us about trees, wildlife, even a little Forks history!  This was our first and sweetest taste of the forest.  I'm pretty sure this is where all three of us fell in love with the beauty the green the smell the feeling of the forest.

After the hike/stroll we came back to the visitors center and picked up some literature and got a quick pic with our favorite tour guide.  

We highly recommend if you are ever in Forks go to the center and ask for Willard.  Tell him we sent you!

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kimberly said...

Willard was so cute!


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