Friday, June 25, 2010

Online Time Savers and Problem Solvers by RealSimple

You all know I have problems with organization and completely tasks well RealSimple Magazine has 6 Time-Savers and Problem Solvers for me to try and I thought I would share them with you.
Virtual Task Organizer
Consolidate all of your to-do lists for free Along with a daily or weekly e-mail digest of your to-dos—add tasks directly on the super-simple site or do it by e-mail or IM—you’ll receive an alert when a task’s deadline is approaching. Complete a task, and you’ll earn merit badges to display proudly on your virtual workspace. (For a fee, can be used by groups of four or more as well.)

Fashion Policing Website
Should you pair that skirt with peep-toe pumps or ballet flats? Let the masses decide. Upload a photo of an outfit, and visitors will vote for you to “wear it” or “change it.” If you’d rather just judge, skip uploading your own photos and click to your heart’s content on everyone else’s.

Online Diet and Fitness Tracker
Join for free, and you can keep a food and exercise diary no matter where you are. Enter your meals, pulling from the database of more than 329,000 food items, or input a recipe and the calculator will determine the calories and other nutritional information. There are even exercise plans (complete with workout reminders) to help you hit your goal—or rev up when you plateau.

Microfiber Cloth and Scouring Pad Combo
And you probably thought there was no room to improve the already-genius microfiber cloth: quick-drying, reusable, superabsorbent, need we go on? But now comes the MU Microfiber Dishcloth. Its built-in scrubber is ready to attack particularly tough-to-clean pots and pans, and it even comes in 13 cheery colors and patterns.

Coffee Machine Cleaner
Don’t let a gunked-up coffeemaker ruin your freshly ground, micro-artisan roast. Instead, clean it every two weeks or so with Cleancaf Coffee Machine Cleaner and Descaler. The organic cleanser is odorless and a cinch to use: Simply dissolve one packet in warm water and run it through the machine. Follow with two clean water cycles, and you’re done.

Sports Shoe Insole
Get more wear out of your sneakers with Foot Petals Rose Sporty Soles. The trim-to-fit inserts have shock-absorbing cushions in the heel and arch region to protect your feet and body. They’re even infused with bacteria-killing copper to combat the dreaded stinky foot syndrome.

So I hope that some of these finds will ease you mind in your daily tasks.  I love RealSimple Magazine, I would be lost without it.

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