Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday...

Things that make me happy on a Sunday....

Sunday Brunch at IHOP.

with Nutella crepes

We as a family usually eat there every Sunday but today is was just me and Hubs and very relaxing.

Other things that make me happy are:

Snow cones, I love them, they are refreshing.  There is a great Snow Cone stand in from of the HEB at Whitestone (1431) and Bell (183) in Cedar Park, lots of flavors to choose from.

When hubs actually gets the stuff done on his honey do list.  This weekend it was wallpaper removal, spackle and texture in the Z-man's room and he is getting it done.

Hanging out with the Girlfriends, we don't do it every Sunday but at least twice a month and it brightens my day and gives me a great outlook for the week.

Sleeping late on a Sunday is my last happy thing for today even though I didn't sleep late this morning, I usually get to on a Sunday.

What are some of the things that make you happy, tell me them I love comments

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