Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Pilgrimage to Forks:The Forks Coffee Shop

My wonderful friend Kim is Guest Blogging today.

Forks Coffee Shop 

Having breakfast at the Forks Coffee shop was completely satisfying and a throw back to slower times!  The girls and I decided to go to breakfast at the highly recommended Forks Coffee shop.When we walked in I felt as though I'd stepped back in time 40 year or so.  The decor was an earthy brown, tan and cream color, with a few muted blues and reds thrown in. The furnishings were well loved and worn. The deer heads and bear skin brought an outdoorsy feel to this diner of yesteryear.  

We sat ourselves at a booth by the window overlooking the parking lot where we spied the "bread man" making his deliveries of bread, danishes and other goodies to the coffee shop.  We were very near to the bar area and were privy to some locals chatting it up about the bread man and other Forks related gossip.  It was quite a treat.  We ordered our breakfast of, coffee, hot tea, pancakes(as big as your head), 

1/2 order of biscuits and gravy (that took up the whole plate)

and french toast.  

We had so much food that we couldn't eat it all. I imagine that these could easily be shared.  The food was delish all the way around.  The cream gravy was a great compliment to the home made biscuits, although it wasn't southern style with sausage it was a nice, creamy, peppery treat! The other dishes were just a good I'm told.  When you are finished you have to stop and gaze at the jewelry in the display case that the cash register sits upon. They have some beautiful sea glass pendants!  On your way out, you must take a pic of yourself sitting in the wooden deck chair, with the bear skin draped on it, that sits in front of a beautiful waterfall mural!

Forks Coffee Shop receives 3 out of 3 forks!  

Review Written By Kim Mills.

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Jen said...

Wish we could meet there for breakfast tomorrow morning. :)


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