Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's coming up in November...

I was sitting here thinking of something to write about today and all my mind wanted to do was think about how busy November is going to be. All of the Thanksgiving planning, which is a self professed foodies favorite thing, the New Moon premier which I have a ticket for the midnight showing, thanks to Kim. I am thinking of having a Christmas or New Years party which will take lots of time planning. I need new pictures of the kiddos for the Christmas cards, which I did not send out last year. Goodness lots of things to plan for, I need a good calendar and to-do list, a good organizational program, something to at least keep me on track. If you know of one drop it in a comment.

I was also thinking about my blog. I am planning on doing Thanksgiving recipes daily so you can have, hopefully, some different ideas for the bountiful feast you are planning. I am also dropping the poetic mondays posts, I will keep my love of poetry to myself you all won't have to suffer anymore. I was thinking about replacing it with a book review post but I still need to think about that more. Of course there will be more Twilight Saga talk, only 22 more days until the New Moon Premier.

I will be starting a new phase in my quest to find what I want to do when I grow up, I am studying event and wedding planning, it seems to combine my passions the most, you know the compulsive shopping, parting and food. So wish me luck with that.

If you would like to see anything different in my blog drop me a line, I am was up for suggestions.

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kimberly said...

* you can keep sharing the poetry
* if you need someone to take some pics of your boys I know a few peeps that could help with that
* a party would be good, I'll even help with planning if you'd like
* YES book reviews!!!
Can't wait for November to start!!!!!!!


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