Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Musing Mommies Challenge Post

I am writing this blog today for a challenge set by Kim and Dawn over at Musing Mommies. Their challenge was to write a blog to tell someone how you feel about them. Well here it goes.

Well when it comes to day to day life I can usually say I get along pretty well, I have the love of my husband and my two boys, a roof over my head and a great car(for me anyway) but sometimes there are thing missing and since I live in a house full of boys(yes I said that purposefully)I miss out on girly things and I have three close friends who I can always turn to for some much needed girl time. If it wasn't for Cat, Kim and Jen I would have gone crazy by now in the land of bionicals and army men, they hold me together, let me blow of some steam, bitch about my husband to them and don't judge me when I drink or cuss too much. I love them for being in my life and I probably don't really tell them how much they mean or influence my daily decisions. It is one of them that I call on when I am feeling down, they would come to my aid if I was sick no questions asked and they know that they would get that in return. So Cat, Kim and Jen, kudos,kisses and hugs because you know that I love ya and would do just about anything for you.


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