Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Rave...

Since it is a new year and my blog is called Rants, Raves and Recipes, I am going to take about products that I love.

This week's Rave is Maybelline Mascaras.  It is the only so called drugstore mascara my sensitive eyes can tolerate and I love these 3:  

One by One Volume Express
I use Blackest Black because I love to define my lashes to their utmost when I am getting dressed up and going out.

The Classic Volume Express Waterproof
This is my everyday wear mascara, yes it is waterproof and it is also easy to remove.  I use very black.

The Falsies Volume Express

This is the ultimate in dramatic for me, I wear this one when going out as well and when I like that smokey eye.  Again Blackest Black is the color for me.

I will say that I am an old school southern gal and I rarely go out without makeup on, it is just not me to do so and it is even rarer that I go without mascara because I believe my eyes are one of my best features. I have used many mascaras and these 3 are the best for my eyes.  What is your favorite Mascara brand and why?

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