Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Homework and grade frustration

Today our family is dealing with homework and grade frustration.  In our school district as probably in most now days we get emails regarding grades and such, well today I got an alert from Gradespeed saying that the J-man is failing Social Studies.  Social Studies, really?  His explanation is that it is boring and he already knows this stuff.  Really? He knows all about the Constitution and the Bills of Rights, which is what he is studying right now, so I quiz him about it, and you know what, he knows nothing, no wonder.  

The Z-man loses his homework every week and needs to hunt for it everyday to work on it. Which ensues into Z getting frustrated and me in losing my patience which makes me a very ornery mother.  Why can't they put it in the same place everyday?  I mean I have tried to make a place for them to put it, I had a box, folder, even a drawer at one time.  

Teachers I commend you in your job, it is a job that I would not be able to do.  Bless You!

What do you do to help your child with homework and how do you keep your patience while doing it? 

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kimberly said...

We have a box. Luckily we can print homework out on Friday's so we can work on it during the weekend.


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