Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beer 30!!!!!

I am a beer drinker, I like it better than wine, although I do drink wine as well, anyway...  There is a local beer my friends and I just love and sometimes it is hard to come by, HEB only carries a few and if you can't find it there you have to go all the way to Spec's, yes, all the way to Spec's(which is really only about 10 miles away).

Austin Amber is locally brewed by Independence Brewing Company  a local Austin brewing company.  It has a caramelly (is that even a word) smoothness to it that makes it easily drinkable.  Try it you will love it.

They also have seasonable beers such as...


Yes this one has limited availability at or around the UT/OU game formally known as The Red River Shootout.

So get some and show your support for a local favorite of mine

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kimberly said...

Ha Ha, have you tasted the Oklahoma Suks?


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