Friday, March 4, 2011

Fan Fic Friday...

Yes it is that time again, time for my Fan Fiction addiction to come into play.

Forever, Edward...What can I say about this fic.  If you ever fantasized about the most romantic man you would ever come in contact with, the Edward in this story would be it.  Who wouldn't want someone to write romantic letters to you and tell you how much they mean to you everyday. Edward in making a journal about his and Bella's life together so far so she can remember her life after the change.  I am such a romantic at heart and this story just makes me tingle.

Yum, Edward in boots and a hat and riding a horse, so many fantasies in that statement.  Bella and Edward met in college but when the rodeo called Edward he chose it over Bella.  They went their separate ways and by chance came back together several years later.  Both have grown up and lived a little but the attraction was to strong to deny.  This is a short but sweet fic something you can read in one sitting, a little angst thrown in but fluffy all the same.

So those are my recommendations for the week, if you decide to read them tell the author where you found out about them.  Happy Reading!!!!!

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