Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!!!!!

Yes there is an inch of snow on the ground here in Central Texas and of course that means that the city is shut down, no school, no driving, nothing. My minions are outside right now making a snow fort for their green plastic army men because there isn't enough snow to make one for them, plus it is already starting to melt.

Now the minions have a 6 day weekend because the have Winter Break next week.  What is Winter Break? I never had this many holidays in school.  All I can remember having is Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break, my kids on the other hand have at least one if not two days or more a month out of school.  Oh well, whatever.  

So what have you all done this week while Snowpacalyspe has hit?  Me, I have tried to stay warm to no avail.  I am so ready for spring, I will start dreaming of beaches now
and umbrella drinks.

And now a funny but it is so true for here.


Dawn said...

Your dreams are beautiful!!! When do we leave? ;-)

kimberly said...

Too bad there wasn't enough snow to finish that fort the boys were working on :(


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