Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Weight Watchers post...

So yeah I joined again this year but hopefully it will be better because I have my GF's behind me in it.  So since I have to weigh in every Sunday that days posts are going to be about my progress, hardships and troubles I went through for the Week.  

So the points aren't really the problem, I usually stay within them, the thing that is the hardest for me is eating out.  Take for instance today, Hubs wanted to go eat out at Razzoo's, it is cajun and I knew my choices were going to be limited but I really didn't think they would be almost non existent.  The had 2 salads on the menu one was a house and one was a Cesar, everything else was either fried, served with dirty rice or cooked in butter, lots of butter.  I ordered the Shrimp En Brochette and of course it was really the only thing on the plate I could eat and I had to take the Bacon off and eat it with no sauce it also came with Green Beans, I ate a few of those but the way they were cooked I know they weren't 0 points and dirty rice which I didn't eat.  So if you are on a diet, any diet, I would stay away from Razzoo's at all cost.

On the bright side today I lost 4.2 pounds since I started on Wednesday, most of that was probably water weight since my Aunt Flo was visiting on Wednesday when I initially weighed.  

I am finding it hard to start exercising, I am not a very active person and I need it to be routine and I need variety, I can't do the same thing all the time.  What would you suggest?

Hopefully I will lose some more next week, stay tuned. 

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MuMuGB said...

Good luck with WW. My best recipe to loose weight: be happy and keep blogging!


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