Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thinking about things I like...

I am sitting here on the sofa, when I should be doing other things (laundry), trying not to blow my brains out through my nose, because that is what it feels like, thinking about the things I like.  Like...

My Facebook friends, they make me laugh and sometimes cry, I don't know 90% of them personally but most of us connect on some kind of level (usually the hotness of the Sparkly One and Fan Fic).  Facebook is such a time suck though, you get lost in it and then you look at the clock and it has been like 2 hours you have lost.  When Mark Zuckerberg came up with Facebook do you think he realized how much time people really spend on here.  I have it on my lappy, my itouch, my Ipad and my mobile phone.  Wow I think I am kind of addicted.  Do people really care that you are in a bar on 6th street getting drunk off your ass on a Wednesday night, heck I don't know maybe.

As you all know I love to read and listening to a book brings better visuals to my brain.  Right now I am reading or rather listening to Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margret Stohl.  This book is very visual when you just read it but listening to it brings a whole other dimension, there is music in the background,  sound effects and so on.  Its like one of those old radio programs from the 40's.  If you have never listen to an audiobook before do it.

 I also like to cook but not just your normal everyday dinners, I love to try new things and explore different tastes but my family is the opposite of me and if I want them to eat I need to make everyday boring dinners, blah, blah, blah.  I do love to bake to and they support me in that of course especially the Z-man he will try anything once and he will tell you the truth about whether he likes it or not. You know that scene in the movie Michael with John Travolta and Andie MacDowell where she sings about pie, well I am passionate about pie.  whether it be fruit or cream I can't pass up pie, so I am making myself learn how to make different pies and make the crust too (well maybe not) but definitely the fillings for said pies.

Well enough of my lazy, procrastinating ramblings, I have other shizz to do.  Like look at last nights Rob Porn from the PCA's everybody was talking about how he looked bad, I didn't think so and also I am secure in my Femininity I can throughly say that Kristen looked hot and oh geeze would I love to have those legs.

One more thing, to all of my "readers", and I say that loosely, who only come to my blog to check out my July postings of hot guys in uniform or my Calvin Klein underwear post, please read other things I post, I am beginning to think you are only here for the man candy, I do have other things to say you know.  

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