Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Freakin New Year!!!!!

Yes this is my New Year's Post and I know its late but I have been sick dammit (yes Kim I know I owe you a Quarter, keep a tab).  The Cedar Pollen has pulled me under yet again and I have felt like shit for 3 days now. So my 2011 hasn't started off very well but I can say my 2010 was pretty good.

  •  I received my Floral Design Certificate.
  • had great times with great friends
  • one said friend found out she was preggers after lots of trying.
  • I lost some weight and actually kept it off.
  • started plans for my own business
So my goal (yes I said goals not resolutions) for 2011 are:
  • Get healthier
  • stop cussing so much
  • be a better mother and wife
  • get my business started
  • get a part time job in the floral industry
  • finish my event planning certificate.
Those aren't bad goals.  Kim is helping out with the cussing, I give her a quarter for every cuss word I say, next week I start my job search and in February I start finishing my Event Planning class, I can say that is a pretty good start, don't ya say!!!!

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Jen said...

Very good start! Keep it up!


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