Friday, October 29, 2010

When It Rains It Pours...

We all know the saying right, well in the Palmer household it holds true, at least for this week.  First the air conditioner broke and that cost us $500, then the dryer failed and was going to cost as much to fix as it would to almost buy a new one, so we bought a new one and then of course the battery in my car decided to die, so that was another expense we could have lived without.  The other saying I was think about for this post was "that everything happens in Threes" but "When it rains it pours" just fit better.  

The J-man also had strep again and the Z-man's attitude has been shit this week, whining and complaining with temper tantrums thrown in, plus when J doesn't let up on teasing him, Z's bad attitude spirals out of control.  Yes Z gets that from me and you all know it is true.  My only solace this week has been reading and my floral class, both which I love.  

I hope my weekend is peaceful and easy, I will have Harry Potter and a Vampire running around on Sunday.  I did try to convince J-man to be Edward Cullen and wear this: 
but he wouldn't do it, so he is a traditional vampire with a cape and fangs, oh well I guess it is more fun for a 9 year old.  I did convince Z to be Harry Potter by the lure of a magic wand ( he is into wizards right now ).  I will be sure to take photos and probably post on my Wordless Wednesday Post next week.  

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!!!

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kimberly said...

ok that wig is pitiful! so glad he didn't want to do that hee hee


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