Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Ramblings...Feeling Domestic????

I am feeling extremely domestic today, don't know why, haven't felt that way in a while.  I woke up in a great mood and started an awesome book (check out Mystical Lit Lounge on FB for the deets) and Z-man, my cuddle bug, came and cuddled with me this morning or maybe the meds are just working the way they need to be, who knows maybe I am just in a good mood which is rare.

But you all know my moods can turn in an instant especially with two bickering boys around who won't do what I say. 

What I am trying to read this week:

Fan Fic Rec's 
Wicked Angel A Twilight FanFiction By DevilishPleasures 

Tomorrow is Music Monday, anyone have any great music suggestions for me?

And last but not least:

Sorry had to do it 'cause you all know I love him?


Jen said...

Good moods ROCK!!!

kimberly said...

So glad you are in a good mood! Can't wait to hear about your books!


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