Monday, June 14, 2010

A Restaurant Review???

I have never done a restaurant review before and it is with trepidation I do one now.  The hubs and I went on a date night tonight because, when the kids are away the adults will play, right.

The Hubs and I love to eat Japanese Hibachi and wanted to try a new Hibachi restaurant in Austin called Nagoya on 620 in Northwest Austin.

I can say without malice that this is the worst hibachi restaurant I have ever been to.  The service sucked, the food was awful and it took the server 3 times to get our order right.  I ordered a Spicy Salmon Roll which was decent, the Chicken Hibachi Dinner which had no taste and the fried rice which was crunchy and greasy and according to the hubs smelled like wet dog.  I did not get my nose that close to confirm that statement though. So in my humble opinion you can skip this restaurant if you are looking for something new.  So I bequeath this restaurant 1 fork (thanks to the Edamame).

So did you like the review, should I do more?  Maybe I will, one new restaurant a month, possibly.

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