Thursday, March 4, 2010

As you see things are a little different this morning

Well I have changed my blog up some and hopefully I am not sure of the blog design yet, I went through 3 yesterday and I am still not satisfied so the look might change again but probably not the name.  I won't be doing as many recipes, just maybe on special occasions, like special parties, Christmas, that sort of thing.  I will continue with Music Mondays, I am thinking New Book releases on Tuesday, Wednesday will stay as Fan Fiction day, because I can't give up my Fan Fiction even though I am way behind this week and it is going to take forever for me to catch up.  Thursdays and Fridays are still up in the air, so if you have suggestions I will gladly take them.  Somedays I might post more than once and I am going to start posting more Twilight Saga info, I will not be a gossip site though, I hate that, it will probably be more pictures, info about the movies and the actors playing in them, funny things that I find, like the parodies and such.

So I hope you will still read, I love all of my readers, they make me smile, especially when they leave comments and like I said before leave me suggestions.  I will probably post something else later but for now I need to study and work on the other blog before Kimmie breaks out the whip (just kidding Kim).


coldplaywhore said...

I am actually really digging the new design! Looks good bb! :)

Jen said...

I like the new look. It's like spring fever!

kimberly said...

I like he new look, it's clean and pretty and I enjoy the colors.

bellasnemesis said...

Like the new look!! Sad you will have less recipes, though. I have used several of the ones you have posted. It's all good, though! I'll keep reading!!


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