Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Please Brain Turn Off but Thanks for All the Ideas...

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As most of you know, I have started a new endeavor, I am currently studying to become an Event Coordinator/Wedding planner/party planner whatever you want to call it.  I was woken up by a dream at 3:00AM this morning and after it my brain wouldn't turn off for me to go to back to sleep.  This dream was about my new endeavor.  My brain was full of ideas so I needed to get up and put them down on paper and we all know what dreams in the middle of the night lead too, just look at Stephenie Meyer, she had a dream in the middle of the night about a meadow where a sparkly vampire was talking to a normal teenage girl and look where that got her.  I know what you are thinking, "she had to bring Twilight into this somehow" but hey it is true, some of my best ideas come from dreams. Anyway back to my dream, as I said it was about my new life project, Party Planning, a name came to me "Hill Country Celebrations"  and that led to so many other ideas, a website, a blog, which has information on proper wedding etiquette and ideas of various things, a home business to start out with, catering to small intimate gatherings rather than over blown affairs, planning childrens, graduation and Holiday celebrations.  Yes all of this is running through my mind at three in the morning so no wonder I couldn't go to sleep.  I am not sure about the name, it was what was in my dream, I think it needs a little tweaking, but we shall see.  

Cute huh, not mine but looks like something I would do.

I am also planning on taking floral design classes and in my dream I saw a portfolio of my floral designs, so we will see (they were awesome by the way, just so  you know).  I am going to start small, I am trying to plan a friend's son's graduation party along with her other son's birthday in conjunction with that party, two different age groups to bring all together in one theme, a challenge, I think I can handle it.

So what do you think of the name, I mean it is geographically correct, I do live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, the celebrations party is good, I'm just not sure it pops.  I have time to come up with something better.  If you can think of a better one leave me a comment, I love comments they make me feel special, I haven't gotten many lately and it make me sad.  So since I am pimping for comments let me pimp my bloggy bling, grab my button and put it on your blog or website, I would love you forever, I promise ;).


kimberly said...

I think Hill Country Celebrations is very pretty but I'm wondering if it's not kid friendly enough if that's where you want to go with your biz.
I can't believe you were up and posting at that time!!! I'm pretty dead to the world at 3am.
I'm very excited that you are dreaming this and seemingly excited about this new endeavor.
Keep us posted!!!

Dawn said...

I like Hill Country Celebrations - it is a nice name. However, from a website standpoint it is pretty long and may be hard for some people to remember. Plus, if you shorten it to something like HCC, you could be confused with Hill Country Conservatory, Houston Community College, etc. I've been through a few business names myself - google around a lot different variations of the name before you decide for sure. If you google Hill Country Celebrations, the top results are from a company called "Celebrations" that is based in San Antonio. To me, that is a little close to really differentiate yourself from them. You may do better using your name somehow - maybe Palmer no, I guess that wouldn't work either! ;-) But I think you know what I mean.

I am excited for you too! Sorry about the being up at 3am, but glad it was a productive wake time for you.


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