Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fan Fiction Recomendation Wednesday...

I have two recommendations today

Summary:  When a small town boy moves to the big city to pursue his dreams of becoming a cop and fate places him in the chair of a sexy, snarky hairstylist whose talent has her in high demand, will it be shear ecstasy or split ends? AH/OOC B/E

It is a cute and sexy fic with lots of fashion sense.  Copward and Beauticianella share an instant attraction when Edward comes in for a haircut one day.  Come to find out Bella is the Chief of Police's daughter and the training Sargent is Bella's big brother, so they will need to hide their growing relationship from them.

Checkout the Outtakes too Off the Cutting Room Floor

A Beautiful Mess by Coldplaywhore and Risbee

Summary: Edward and Bella are best friends who take a chance on love together before she leaves for two months in Europe. Will they be able to survive when she returns and their lives change drastically? Extended Version of o/s London Calling. Rated M

Edward and Bella are recent high school graduates and life long friends who have been pining away for each for years without each other knowing.  Bella gets offered a chance to go to a study abroad program the summer before she starts college and Edward vows to show Bella how he feels before she leaves.  Edward is a classic romantic, lovely.

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coldplaywhore said...

Thanks so much for recing our little story. I wish I had seen your tweet earlier for our banner, because I do have one. LOL. It's actually my twitter background.!


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