Saturday, January 9, 2010

My goals and Tasks for the weekend

Many of you know that I am in the process of trying to change things in my life for the better and in order to do that I need Schedules, to-do lists, goals and tasks written out to follow or I am not going to adhere to it and fall into the chasm that I fell into last year which was fear, self loathing, denial and sadness.  So I am turning over an new leaf to get myself organized and control back over my life and not let all the crap take over again.  This weekend will be a weekend of organization, reorganization, cleaning, de-cluttering, schedule, goal and task making and planning for my future.  Whew that is a lot of things to get done this weekend, I will try to get most of those things done but I do know one thing, they won't get done if I get sucked into all the lovely activities on my laptop (twitter, Facebook, Fan Fiction, Rob news, etc) so after this post I am closing my laptop today even though there are about 25 fan fiction updates in my inbox begging to be read.  Ok I won't think about them, yeah right.  I am off now to accomplish some of what I have set out to do today, wish me luck


Jenn said...

You can do it! Update with how your day/weekend went. I'm using your post for a little "oomph!" of my own. Thanks!

kimmie said...

Yes you can do it! I miss you but I'm happy that you are off doing something good for you!
let me know if you need help!


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