Monday, January 11, 2010

It is Monday night and do you know where your insane friend is

Well I am sitting right here trying to think up a blog topic and with 2 glasses of Middle Sister Mischief Maker in me I think a nonsense post is a good one.  I have had a migraine for 2 days now and it has laid me out on my ass.  Yesterday was worse than today but today it was behind my eyes making me dizzy as shit.  Finally after telling the boys for almost 2 hours to go to bed the house is quiet and really kinda eerie.

I really do think wine is a cure all for things, like I said I have had two glasses and I am already feeling better.

This is what I am drinking tonight, I love this wine maker, it is good wine and really well priced.  I am mainly a beer drinker but this label has swayed me some.  I know I already did a post about Middle Sister Wines but I am not thinking clearly and I am pulling topics out of my ass this evening to fulfill my NaBloPoMo duties so just bear with me.

I also got a Diet Green Tea from Sonic today and it was good as well so Kudos to you Sonic for bringing Green Tea to your already vast menu of greasy goodness, ooo stuffed jalapeños sound good right now don't they.  Oh and I had a Hot Fudge shake from there yesterday that was delish, it was the only thing I ate yesterday so it was justified.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track with the reorg of my messed up and insane life, it really needs it. You all can give me advice, it will be greatly appreciated.

I think that is all for tonight, my insane mind ramblings need to be kept to a minimum.

One last thought , I don't spell well when I have had wine, thank goodness for spell check. Oh and this is for @laxplays on Twitter: why do they start selling girl scout cookies in January when in reality u r trying 2 avoid that shit post-Xmas? Love ya Caroline thanks for the slap and the hair pulling the other day loved it.

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Monique said...

Feel better... and congrats on making it to the computer to blog despite the headache!

I personally prefer (when I'm not sampling French wines) Ménage à Trois red! We usually pick it up at Trader Joe's, it's so delicious!

Enjoy the rest of your wine-induced state :)


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