Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fan Fiction Recomendation Wednesday...

Yes it is Wednesday and I am sick so this post is probably going to be short.  I usually recommend 3 stories but today I am only going to do 2.  

The first one is a Jasper/Bella story, you know I love that pairing and I still don't know why but I digress.  It is  A Broken Triangle by SJAimee.  It starts off with Bella and Edward being friends with benefits until she meets the handsome southern gentleman and feels and instant attraction which scares the crap out of her.  

Summary:  The relationship is purely physical for Bella, but Edward wants more. When Bella 
meets his roommate Jasper, everything changes. Can Bella overcome a past that left her broken,Jake dead,and Charlie in jail and have a real relationship with either of them?

The next story I am recommending is called Healing the Divide by secamimom, it is a sad story in which Bella and Edward are married and have a child.  The child dies in a unfortunate accident and instead of it bringing B & E closer together it drives them further apart in their grief and despair and they will need to find their way back to each other.

Summary: Can Bella and Edward heal their relationship once tragedy strikes? All-Human, Canon couples.

That is all I have today, my fuzzy allergy induced stupor can not really take anymore stimulation.  Happy reading.  

I also want to thank MsKathy and Manyafandom for their work with the Haitian relief effort.  The compliation of authors and stories that they put together  for Twifans for Haiti in a short amount of time was amazing.  

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