Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Z-man's Christmas List

The Z-man's list is a little varied this year, he is only six so take that as you will.

Lego Bionicles, to me these are kinda scary looking but he loves them.

A lego Police Station. He loves all things lego, I hate all things lego especially when I step on them in the dark because they don't pick them up.

What is it this year with these Bakugan toys, the J-man wants them too, I don't understand them, but of course I am not a boy.

He wants this car, it is called an Anti-Gravity Nano, it runs up the walls and can even go on the ceiling if they are smooth, thank goodness mine aren't.

And finally a little techno gear, he wanted an Ipod but I think he is still to young for one because he still can't or really won't pick up after himself so we got him an off brand cheap MP3 player

I think I am going to get him some inline skates and a hockey stick so they can use up some of their boundless energy.

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