Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moon Midnight Rendevouz To-Do List...

Listen up women it is T-Minus 27 hours and counting until we (me and my Crazy Cool ;) Friends watch Robward, Taycob and Belsten on the big screen tomorrow night and I have many things to do tomorrow and they are not all related to New Moon, but most are.

1. I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow to see how I am doing on the Happy Pills and to get a refill.
2. My kids have their Thanksgiving Lunch at school, which Hubby and I had to do split duty due to my Dr.s appt.  Yeah there is nothing like Turkey and dressing at 10:45 in the morning.
3.  I need to run to the supermarket or probably just Super Target because you all know that is my favorite place to shop.
      Shopping list:
         cups for coffee
         Movie snacks
         Creamer (peppermint mocha of course and what ever else I find)
         warm socks (for some reason I don't have any anymore, wonder when I threw them all out.)
I will be adding more to this I am sure but for now it is all I can think of.
4. Make massive amounts of coffee
5. Pack cups, creamer, sugar and stirrers
6. pack umbrella ella, ella (might rain and that would suck if I am stuck outside because I don't like the Cold and wet (he, he)
7. Take a nap, don't know if I will have time to squeeze it in but I will sure try.
8. Fix my Alice hair-do ( yes I have an Alice pixie thanks to my COOL friend Kim, who cuts great hair by the way)
9. find my New Moon T-shirt, J put up the clothes so no telling where it is.
10. Pack car
11.  Eat Dinner (yes I will need to remember to remind myself to eat because I am soo excited, Squee, ok I am starting to sound like a teen fangirl).

I think that is enough to get me through the day tomorrow.

So Twi-Cougars (yes the friends and I came up with that one this week for the over 30 crowd) how many of your are going to the Midnight show and pelt the teen fangirls with stale Halloween Milk Duds?

Tonight I am posting a pic of Rob going into the David Letterman Show, He is such a hottie with the scruff and the sunglasses

That is all for tonight folks, go to bed early we all have a long day tomorrow.

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