Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Woes...

So today was a complete and utter failure on my part. I had every intention of being productive today and get things done around here but my body had other plans. I hate Mondays anyway but to feel like I do today just made it that much worse, not even my favorite music could bring me out of my funk today. I have felt like shit today and really have no reason for it other than a headache. Anyway I will quit wallowing.

My Fan Fiction addiction has taken one of my favorite things away. Yesterday I was being a good mother and wife and was making a pot roast for Sunday dinner well I got to reading and needless to say I lost track of time and burned the pot roast to a crisp and had to throw away my favorite Farberware Dutch Oven. The roast was stuck to the bottom and took half of the teflon off when I tried to clean it. This is not the first time this has happened either, I think the addiction has gone a little to far, don't you?

So since my addiction is out of hand why don't I give you some Fan Fiction Recommendation to feed your addiction:

Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by HunterHunting

Maybe I'm Falling for You by Coldplaywhore and Flightlessbird11. ColdPlaywhore is one of my favorite Fan Fiction Authors and she probably gets tired of me saying that but really all of her stuff is great check it all out. Flightlessbird 11 has another story out there too that is really good: Someone to Watch Over Me

That is all for today hopefully tomorrow I will be in a better mood.

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