Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fan Fiction Recommendations and other reads...

My first 2 recommendations are Edward/Bella stories.  The author of these stories is passionate about about food and shopping, which is what drew me to them.  The writing is a little rough but the premise is there.
You Complete Me by Chihuahuamama
My name is Edward. I have amnesia. I was stuck in this foreign land until I met Emmett. He offered me a job at his Cafe in NYC. I met Bella there. I was attracted to her but I don't deserve to be in love. I don't even remember my last name... AH Canon

Amor Vincit Omnia by Chihuahuamama
Bella a widow with a 3yr old. Edward a broken man. Chance crosses Edward and Bella's path. Alice&Jasper and the rest of the Cullens scheme to get them together. Experience drama, romance, wining, dining, and extravagant trips Cullen style! AH Canon

My next to recommendations are from a veteran Fan Fiction author.  She writes wonderful and expressive stories and if you are looking for more Edward and Bella than you got in Breaking Dawn then she is the author for you.

Under the Full Moon by Jayeliwood 
Edward left Bella emotionally half dead in the woods, or did he? What will happen once Bella takes the fateful leap off the cliff? What will Edward do to save her, and himself? What changes if he never left. Starts off at the jump, AU, more mature.

Before the Lunar Eclipse by Jayeliwood
Edward and Bella are finally going to start a life together but one thing stands in there way: The Volturi. Can they find a way to keep their happy family together? Sequel to Under the Full Moon.

I am also reading two books right now.
City of Ashes which is the Second book of The Mortal Instruments series.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold which has been made into a movie that comes out next month.

I hope these give you something to read over the Holiday.  Happy reading.


kimberly said...

You are gonna love these books, so glad you are reading them. I don't like having no one to talk to about them :)


please send me Before the Lunar Eclipse by Jayeliwood


can someone please email me Before the Lunar Eclipse by Jayeliwood.


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