Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick Again and other stuff...

How many times can one person get sick in a month? Someone enlighten me, I would really appreciate it because it is getting ri-fucking-diculous. I am going to the doctor tomorrow so maybe I will start feeling better soon. I woke up Sunday the a horrible sore throat and cough and then I realized I couldn't talk (husband lets out victory squee, no nagging today). Today I have felt a little better but still no voice. Ok I am going to stop complaining now.

The weekend was good,except for me ending up sick, I downloaded the New Moon soundtrack from Itunes and most of it is good, there are a few song on there where I say WTF but I guess I will just need to wait and see how they go with the movie. Which is now 31 days away, woo hoo, can't wait.

I saw The Haunted Airman this weekend with the girls and I have to say it was a weird movie, lots of Rob though so that got me through it, he had nice hair. It had spiders in it and I absolutely hate spiders so that turned me off too. Thought is would fill my Rob quota but sadly it did not. Might need to go watch a few episodes of The Bad Mother's Handbook, to get my fill, I can always work with nerdy Rob better than Psycho Rob.

So I will leave you with a couple of Fan-Fiction recommendation: Home Run by Jadedandboring
and Illegal Contact by Greeneyedgirl17. The are both sports related, well written and Edward/Bella pairings.

So, another week has started and I need to get on the ball deciding my future, yeah I will get right on that. ;) Oh and one more thing, if you are reading by blog by all means follow me all you need to do is click on the google thing on the left, it is quick and painless I promise.


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