Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It was suggested by a friend that I should keep a mood journal to keep a daily record of how I am feeling, I really liked the idea but did not start doing it, I really don't know why other than laziness and self denial. I guess my ways need to change and I to need to express my feelings and thoughts without bottling them up. I think that blogging is a good outlet for me but it is not always a good place to put personal feelings. Case and point: I am part of Networked blogs on facebook so it gets "advertised", for lack of a better word, to all of my Facebook friends to encourage readership. Well as a result of me not trying to hide my depression symptoms any longer I wrote about being put on meds to help bring me out of my funk and got accosted by a bible beating freak about how I should use prayer and faith in God to heal me. Now don't get me wrong I do pray and I have prayed long and hard about my condition with no relief and I am tired of feeling this way so I finally went to the doctor for some help and if meds are going to help I will gladly take them.

Here is this mans first comment: Have you tried obedience to GOD? That is where the true healing power is found! I thought I was a christian until GOD broke though my blind fold of sin which is want caused me to fall on my face before the HOLY GOD! To Love GOD with all your Heart, Soul, spirit, and strength is the Greatest command. Those who do it will find and unsearchable power ... Read Moreand JOY! Love and mercy are the heart of the law! GOD bless you Shannon I will be praying for you to find that something you need and drugs are not the answer, they are the blind fold! (cover up)

My return comment:Depression is a medically diagnosed condition due to the imbalance of chemicals in your brain. Don't go all Tom Cruise on me believe me you will not win. I do believe in God and I pray everyday, so you can go spin your rhetoric some where else.

his comment: There are a lot of medically diagnosed conditions, and GOD can heal them all, I did not mean to offend you but only asked the questions,(have you). As for spinning my rhetoric some where else, you can count on it. Those words you accuse of rhetoric are not mine but are straight from GOD word. (BIBLE) I am not nothing like Tom Cruise, I am an obeyer... Read More of GOD's word, and it took love for me to share his words, I am not trying to win, All who obey, not just talk have already won. I am glad to hear you pray everyday and I will add your (medically diagnosed depression condition) to my prayer list. I know it is a serious matter and have fought with it myself. Shannon, I know you can win because you are a winner when you obey GOD's word. May God continue to bless you and all those whom you know and love.

My Return: I am not trying to demean your beliefs in anyway but you do not know me or my situation so you have no right to judge. So lets say you have cancer are you just going to pray and let God take control when there are medicines out there to help you get better. Yes prayer helps, that I do know, But when there are medically necessary medicines that can actually help are you seriously going to tell someone to Pray instead of getting the help they need through medicines that can heal.

His return comment: How have I judged you? You are right to say I have no right to Judge, that is why I don't do it. God is the Judge and his words are the eternal plumb line. Once again I have only asked (Have you tried) I have not nor will not accuse your or Judge you or anyone else. I offer words of life and encouragement which are not even my own but come from ... Read MoreGODS word. You have accused me of Judging and told me to take my Rhetoric some where else. I have offer words of encouragement, words of truth and life, what you do with that is your choice, you get mad, accuse me or what ever is in your heart to do. I never said pray instead of, but again you are free to speak what ever. Are you just looking for a quarrel? You will find none here only truth. God bless you Shannon

I did not return his last comment because I was angry and I removed him from my friend list. How dare he make me doubt myself more in the lowest point in my life and make me feel worse than I already do. He has no right to demean me and my choice and think that his choice is better. Not everything can be solved by prayer. I will say that I am not a very religious person but I believe that there is a higher power at work in the universe and like I said before I do pray and I do not demean the power of prayer, I myself have seen the benefits. What I do have fault with, however is people who push their beliefs down other peoples throats and think that their way is the only way to do things and make you feel like crap for choosing another way of doing things. His condescending comments made me furious and it is comments like that turn people off of believing in a higher power to guide them. He came across to me as such a pompous ass. So I implore you, did I over react in this situation or was I not strong enough on getting my feelings out there? I know people have a right to their own opinions but does it give them the right to judge and make people doubt their own decisions.

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