Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am in need of a 12 step program...

Ok most of you know that I am a procrastinator and this blog entry is a blatant form of it because I should be working on my Humanities project that is due on Tuesday but no I would rather blog and give into my Fan Fiction addiction. I am almost 37 years old, you think I should be able to prioritize but every time my inbox pops up with another chapter of one of the stories I am following (believe me there are many) I drop everything to read it. So here today I am admitting defeat and I need help. I am in need of a 12 step program. Isn't the first step always to admit you have a problem, well I do have a problem because there is homework and housework to be done and it has become very unmanageable because I can't step away from the laptop to do my f**kin' work, yep 12 loads of laundry in unmanageable. But really when someone looks like this

how can you not forget to do stuff, I like living in my fantasy world it is a much better place than here, the kids aren't screaming, J's not asking what's for dinner, really isn't fantasy much better than reality.

Oh well back to reality, at least I am going out with my girls tonight for some girl talk and alcohol.


kimberly said...

I like your new theme! so glad we're gettin together tonight!

Jenny Jerkface said...

You are not alone in your fan fiction addiction, trust me! I am mortified to admit it but I actually once missed a deadline at work because I was trying to read fan fiction. It's terrible.

I can't tell you how many nights the BF is yelling "Are you coming to bed? We have to get up in five hours!!" and I'm hunched over the computer like a junkie over a mound of heroin calling back, "Er, yeah, just one more second!!"

So bad.

But so, so good. :)


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