Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Do I live in the allergy capital of the world...

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This is my enemy

Ok, so I am starting this week with a rant, I guess because I didn't get much sleep last night. If you have lived in the Austin area for any length of time and are sensitive to any allergen, then for you and apparently me, the Austin area might not be the best place to live, especially during the winter months. We are surrounded by Cedar trees here and they bloom and release their toxic pollen in January and February. I started sneezing on Friday so I doubled up on my allergy meds, which I take religiously everyday anyway, because I knew it was coming. Saturday I started sneezing and sniffling and Sunday my eyes started itching along with the other two symptoms, it wasn't too bad yet... I went to bed Sunday night, woke up around midnight with the pain of sinus pressure, a completely stuffed nose and a cough caused by post nasal drip. So I know right now you are asking me why I suffer here in the allergy capital of the world? Well because I wouldn't really want to live anywhere else and the other allergies that plagued me before we moved here seem to have went away and I think I can live through one allergy season to live in this great area, I have great friends, great schools for my kids to go to and great shopping, yes as most of you know shopping is my passion and Austin has finally caught up, ok I got distracted by the shopping, so this is why I suffer not in silence but to rant to you because it makes good blogging material, I guess.

Have a great day and tomorrow is another day hopefully a better one...

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