Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nonsense and catch up

I know I am behind on the blogging thing, there really hasn't been any inspirations lately. So this will probably be a nonsense post which is ok, you need those every so often to get caught up.

I would like to congratulate the Longhorns on their victory last night it was a great game to the last seconds. Now lets hope that Florida beats Oklahoma and everything will almost be right. I haven't blogged about football lately and that is because the Cowboys have thoroughly disgusted me with the way they played in their last games. I will just leave it at that.

My Josh turned 8 yesterday, can you believe it. I can't, he is growing up extremely fast and growing out of his clothes even faster, I have had to buy him 2 different sizes of jeans since school started in september. Zach is doing much better in school now, his handwriting has improved and his speech therapy is going great, I am hoping he won't need it much longer. His allergy attacks so far this season have been minimal (knock on wood) no ear infections as of yet so hopefully it will stay that way.

I seem to be doing well too, I have lost seven pounds since I wrote about my new years resolutions a few weeks ago, I have cut back calories and the food I eat and I am exercising more but probably not enough. I start back to school on the 21st which is good, because I have been really kind of lazy the last couple of weeks, taking it easy before all of the stress hits again.

I guess we are all caught up with what is going on in the Palmer household. Not too bad for a nonsense post, huh.

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The Mom said...

Hey great job!!! I am trying to lose weight too! Hubby and I are doing Boot Camp at the Y!


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