Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday's football rant**BCS maddness...**

I would have done this earlier today, but finals are upon me and I have to study, blogging has been a procrastination tool though.

Does anybody else think that the BCS is screwed up. Why in the world is Texas playing Ohio State. I have no idea how they come up with the selections for the games but don't you think it would be easier if they would go by rank, you know #1 play #2 and #3 play #4. That way at least you would actually know who is the best team in college football. We should be playing Alabama, the Longhorns would probably get their butts kicked (sorry but it's a statistical fact) but at least they would be on the same level.

Right now I am thinking that the 'horns will go into this game too confident and you know what happens when they get too confident, look at the game against Tech and the last 2 years against the Aggies. So lets just hope and pray they have their heads on straight and go in their fighting and prepared because Ohio State is no walk in the park.

Oh and by the way what was going on with Romo yesterday, the Cowboys better get on the ball if they want to get in the playoffs. Phillips needs to watch out, Garrett will be in there faster than T.O. can run for the T.D.

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