Friday, November 14, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

Jeremy has been gone all week this week to North Carolina and I haven't got very much sleep. Have you ever noticed how many sounds your house makes? Who knew that my house was so creepy. From the air conditioner (yes I know it is November but we are still having muggy 80 degree days here), dripping faucets, sleep talking kiddos and creaking. The creaking is the worse, sometimes it is like someone is walking around and then I need to go investigate the sound because, one, it freaks me out and two, my kids, well at least one, sleep walks and sometimes, if he could, he would walk out the front door paying no attention to the alarm going off, my kids sleep through smoke detectors going off after all. Josh will even carry on a conversation with you in his sleep and not remember anything about it the next day. We have tripped over, I mean, found him asleep on the playroom floor before sound asleep. I wonder if he will grow out of that.

Oh well Jeremy comes back tonight, but not until about midnight. Hopefully there will be peaceful nights ahead.

Now on to planning two Thanksgiving dinners, any suggestions. Also


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