Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have updated my look

I think it looks much better, don't you.

I will be glad when Jeremy gets back from his trip, this week has been so long and it is only Wednesday. My kids are driving me crazy, if I hear the word Mom one more time... (I will leave that up to the imagination) and the whining, does it ever stop. I will have much needed girl time this weekend though. Me and some of my g-friends are going to do some window shopping in Fredericksburg on Sunday. Yea, I love Fredericksburg and it is trades day which means there will be more stuff to look at and buy. There is nothing better than sitting in the Beirgarten and listening to music. We have room for one more if you want to come too.

I really need to read over what I type before I publish, I had to fix a few things

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