Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Favorites Tuesday

It is Tuesday again, favorites time.

Ok I did a bad thing to my grass in the front yard a few weeks ago and now my plants have died and now my grass is turning brown so now I am trying to repair it and I found to great site for info on organic fertilizers and gardening:

www.dirtdocotor.com and www.gardenville.com

Hopefully I will get enough knowledge and be able to rejuvenate my lawn.

www.allrecipes.com is becoming a favorite site for new recipes. I usually use Food Network but I am using allrecipes more often. They have better recipes and good tips and advice.

A new favorite show that I have enjoyed for a while is Jon and Kate plus 8. I love this show and really enjoy watching how Jon and Kate deal with the daily life of dealing with 8 kiddos. I get overwhelmed sometimes just with my 2,it makes me get perspective.

Well that is all of the favorites for this week. I hope to find more for next week.

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