Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am pulling my hair out...

So we are remodeling the master bath and it has taken Jeremy 4 days to lay the tile in there, meanwhile we are using the boys bathroom and let me tell you I need to get in there and clean more often. It may look clean on the surface but apparently my boys can't aim very well. Anyway Jeremy finally finished grouting the tile this morning so now I need to paint it again, I can't seem to pick a good color so now I am using sagey green tones for the bath and the bedroom.

Ok another reason I am pulling my hair out is that I am taking a algebra class online and I am behind because for some reason last weeks work is not clicking in my brain. Why do you need to know how to divide polynomials. Jeremy helps me some, but instead of explaining it to me he just tells me the answer. I need learn how to do it. Algebra and I have a checkered past, I had horrible teachers in high school so I never really learned anything and if I did learn anything I didn't retain it for future use. I was not blessed with the math gene, I get that, I just wish it would make sense.

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