Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Go to Gifts for V-Day or any other gift occasion

I am going to tell you a secret, its not really a secret per se as my close friends know this so I will share it with you anyway.

My Hubs is a horrible gift giver.  Yep I said it and he admits it.

So what would I really like for Valentine's Day?  Well as I am a Floral Designer no flowers will do, I will just criticize them.  I love chocolate but I can buy that for myself. So here is my list and really it is my list for most gift giving situations.

  • Gift Certificate to get a mani/pedi 
  • Kindle/Audible Gift Certificate or any other book related Gift card.
  • Simple Meaningful Jewelry such as a charm bracelet where he actually put some thought into it.
  • Itunes gift card, I love music, I live music
  • I romantic night out (hubs really isn't the romantic type)
  • A Spa Day, with facial, massage and primping, I love to be primped.
That is my list it is not unreachable I think.  IF you are wondering why I put pictures of the things I want it is because my hubs is the visual kind.

I wonder if the Hubs will read this and take some hints.

Do you have a list?  If so tell me what it is.

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cindy said...

i like that article so much. that is awesome. thanks


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