Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School's out for Summer!!!!!

and yes my nerves are already frazzled with anticipation, but I got a break this week because the minions are at my parents and I am trying to relax. I really need to clean the house since they aren't around to destroy everything 5 minutes after I am done but I can't get motivated to do it.  I am enjoying the quiet while reading lots.

Do you have plans for your kids this summer, if so, what are they?  I am really interested because I have no plans like every other summer.  I know I should have done some sort of camp but, why?  There are so many out there and are really expensive for just 3 hours a day.  I am thinking about joining the Cedar Park Rec Center, they have great activities for the kids and me.

Are there any great vacation plans out there too?  We will probably end up at the beach at some time this summer but other than that we have no plans.

I will be posting sporadically, which is basically what I have been doing, with work and the kids it seems like there is not enough time in the day for it anymore.

I do love my readers and your comments inspire me to write more and get my creative juices flowing so please comment.  They make me smile.

Have a great summer  

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