Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So I am watching...

HGTV today and I am wondering where they get all of their hot male host, I mean my handyman is the epitome of the genre:  Fat, Bald, shows ass crack, you know typical.   It must have been Hottie Wednesday on that channel because every show I watched today had hot sexy men on there.

Take for instance:

Jamie Durie

Scott McGillivary

Of Course we can't forget...
Carter Oostehouse

and Newcomers to HGTV
Jonathan and Drew Scott

So I ask.  Do your Handymen look like these, I didn't think so.

1 comment:

TongueTwied said...

OMG Scott is my secret crush! He's good looking and really calm and personable. I love to watch his show.

I was surprised to learn Carter just got engaged to Amy Smart-had no clue they were together.


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